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The Four Stages of Employee Costs

If your business hires one new employee every quarter or less the laundry list of costs associated with hiring, onboarding, training and retaining good people might seem incidental. However, if you are like a home care company that I worked … Continue reading

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Marty Bell brings legal punch to SBS

Mr. Bell had worked previously with our Senior Associate, Rod Hanks when they each held vice presidential positions some years ago with HR Textron, an aerospace company.  Rod introduced our firm to Marty and intrigue became commitment March 1st, 2015. … Continue reading

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How to Find a Business Partner

Finding a business partner might be easy, but finding the right business partner, no matter what stage your business is in, may not be  as simple as you wish it to be.  Clearly, finding the wrong partner can prove catastrophic and costly in … Continue reading

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Business plan, Org chart, Enthusiasm………..check, check, check! Now set the foundation with Core Values

Most organizations begin with a business plan and an organization chart and a lot of enthusiasm, but eventually they recognize the need for a number of additional policies and devices that define who they are and drive their progress.  One of … Continue reading

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